Cosmo Tech is excited to launch a new asset management interview series. 


Led by the Marketing team, the new asset management interview series centers around the challenges, impacts, and trends of rail, electricity, water, and oil & gas networks. The series looks to feature experts, thought leaders, and influencers to give their insights and thoughts on the future of asset management within their sectors. Cosmo Tech already has a list of interviewees lined up, ready to share their professional opinions. 


With the debut of the series, an impressive first interview is announced: ENTSO-E’s General Secretary, Laurent Schmitt. ENTSO-E is the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, representing 43 electricity TSOs from 36 countries across Europe. ENTSO-E promotes closer cooperation across Europe’s TSOs to support the implementation of EU energy policy and achieve Europe’s energy and climate policy objectives, which are changing the very nature of the power system. 


Cosmo Tech approached Schmitt because of his extensive background as a power system engineer, with most of his career in smart technologies, including experiences at Alstom and General Electric. As General Secretary, he helps develop Pan-European system development plans, as well as develop and implement network loads, among other things. This makes him a perfect interviewee, as he understands the approaches asset managers and decision makers need to take in order to adopt a systemic approach. And while he has not worked with Cosmo Tech since being at ENTSO-E, he knows of them from his past technology environment.


“I’ve always been surprised of the new modeling approach which Cosmo Tech is having, and this new concept of looking at a broad systemic perspective as a system of systems, interacting with each other,” said Schmitt. “When we want to relate data from these various systems together, I think – as far as I remember – the tools are quite innovative, and I am very interested to hear how Cosmo Tech will progress in developing this model further with RTE.”


Schmitt’s interview will be premiere on Thursday, 6 December at 9 am. Audiences can subscribe to receive the interview directly to their inbox by subscribing here





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