Cosmo Tech will be attending the Institute of Asset Management’s Asset Management Conference from 27 to 28 November in London.


Members of the Sales team will be there, including their UK Sales representative Aaron Forshaw. Cosmo Tech is exhibiting their Asset solution, which uses augmented intelligence for asset optimization of critical infrastructure within the rail, electricity, water, oil & gas, and gas sectors. Asset is the first systemic software solution dedicated to asset investment optimization, developed with asset managers, for asset managers. 


The IAM Asset Management Conference is the Institute’s unique Call for Papers event, designed to cover the breadth and depth of asset management. It is relevant to asset management professionals seeking to gain insight into and hear firsthand experiences of the latest innovations being used in a range of sectors around the world that are driving the discipline forward. The event is also relevant to organizations interested in the benefits of asset management, presented and explored through real life case studies, projects, research areas, tools and techniques. They see representation from a wide range of asset intensive industries, publics, and academic sectors around the world. 


The program comprises presentations of successful submissions from the Call for Papers, focusing on six key themes across two days: Organization, Tools & Techniques, Continual Improvement, Data, Fundamentals & Lifecycle, and Performance Management Value. Additional sessions and streams include keynote speakers, workshops, and presentations of work nominated for a 2018 IAM Award. The program will facilitate ample formal and informal networking opportunities including the exhibition area offering the latest innovations in asset management. 


Find Cosmo Tech in the lobby of the conference, along with a handful of other exhibitors who were selected to present their companies. 



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