Cosmo Tech has enjoyed a successful two days at VivaTechnology, one of France’s leading events for startups, established technology players, investors, and the open innovation economy. The Cosmo Tech team has been well-represented by the Application Discovery and Business Development team, with both Chief Business Development Officer Thierry de Lumley and Business Developer Antoine Rage both on hand to present Cosmo Tech’s innovative technology to the tens of thousands of attendees.

This year VivaTechnology has attracted more than 50,000 visitors who were exposed to 5,000 different startups and attend one of the hundreds of speaking sessions over the course of the event that concludes tomorrow. More than 1,000 investors were also present at the event seeking out new ideas, new opportunities, and new destinations for hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital funding.

For de Lumley, VivaTechnology is the perfect event for Cosmo Tech to promote its innovative modeling and simulation approach to complex systems.

“Cosmo Tech is the world leader in system-driven predictive analytics for industry,” he explained. “This technological advantage coupled with our experience working with strategic partners and to co-develop applications with some of France’s biggest companies makes an event like VivaTechnology just perfect for us.”

Cosmo Tech, De Lumley, and Rage were hosted at VivaTechnology by Vinci Energies, a world leader in concessions and construction. For Rage, the close association between a large corporate actor like Vinci Energies and a nimble, innovation-focused technology company like Cosmo Tech is increasingly common.

“Open innovation is a mainstay of the French industrial landscape today,” he explained. “It’s a movement that is expanding in Europe and globally, too. Startups offer large corporations the chance to innovate quickly, to find solutions to problems and to overcome challenges they otherwise couldn’t, and all while offering the startup a chance to prove themselves on a larger scale.”

VivaTechnology billed itself this year as ‘The Rendezvous for Game Changers’. With Cosmo Tech’s technology already changing the way that utilities, municipalities, the energy industry, and the transport sector are managing their complex systems and determining optimal strategies, it wasn’t hard to see why the Lyon and San Francisco based technology company found itself a perfect fit.

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