This week, members of Cosmo Tech will be attending the 4th Asset Management Global Conference in Paris, France. 


The Asset Management Working Group of the International Union of Railways (UIC) is organizing its fourth international conference dedicated to Asset management, in Paris at the UIC headquarters from 17 to 19 April. 


This conference presents the latest developments in various industries (roads, waterways, energy, etc.) and on different continents. It aims to offer networking opportunities for international and multi-sector actors from South East Asia, Middle West, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe working in various fields like infrastructure, industry and energy. It also provides asset managers with concrete examples and guidance to improve their capabilities, based on the UIC guideline, and allows them to explore the latest developments, knowledge and experiences across the asset management world. 


Held over a three-day period, the UIC plans to address topics such as strategic asset management planning, the relationship between asset managers and suppliers, big data and digitalization for asset management, software assisted modeling of investment plans and asset management for signaling. The conference will feature keynote speakers, case study presentations, discussions, and workshops to provide railway infrastructure organizations with concrete examples and guidance to improve their asset management capabilities. 


Day two of the event will feature Cosmo Tech’s Witold Krasny, Product Owner for Asset. Krasny will be presenting a use case between Cosmo Tech and Network Rail, the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the railway network in Great Britain. His presentation is during the session dedicated to the impact of operation in the asset management life cycle cost and strategy and is titled Bridging the gap between operations and long-term asset investment – a unified modeling and simulation approach applied to Network Rail’s asset portfolio. 


Cosmo Tech will be presenting Asset, the world’s leading asset management system software for optimizing asset investment and maintenance strategies for the world’s most critical infrastructure. Unlike existing enterprise asset management solutions which only consider part of the system, Cosmo Tech Asset models every asset and all of their interconnections in order to accurately simulate and anticipate the consequences of potential choices. Asset is used across multiple sectors, including transport, electricity and water.


The conference is sponsored by Assetsman, Oxand, and Cosmo Tech


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