Co-founder and Executive Chairman of The CoSMo Company and CEO of The CoSMo Company US Michel Morvan was a featured panelist at the annual Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, California.

Two days after CoSMo was named to the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 list of companies with the highest potential to make significant market impact within a 5-10 year timeframe, Morvan joined other panelists in discussing the present and future of smart cities.

CoSMo is well-known for its Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) applications in the energy and utility sectors but we are also helping to drive the adoption of smart technologies and the roll-out of smart city planning for some time. Our experience modeling cities in Europe and North America and working with companies like GE and their Global Smart Grid program positions us to help stakeholders move into the future with reliable interconnected insights into their complex urban systems.

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of The CoSMo Company and CEO of The CoSMo Company US, Michel Morvan

Morvan was joined on the stage at the Cleantech Forum by Ralph Muehleisen of the Argonne National Laboratory, CEO of Streetlight Data Laura Schewel, CEO of Kevala Adam Shumavon, and Jamie Statter, the VP of Strategic Relationships at the US Green Building Council. Director of the Cleantech Group Ken-Ichi Hino moderated the panel.

Broad Discussion and Big Visions

The panel discussion was wide ranging and touched on many of the issues that cities and municipalities are facing as they seek to move towards a smarter future.

Moderator Hino pressed participants on how to ensure the public sector and private sector cooperate in delivering smarter cities, the role of utilities in the future of the smart city, and transportation in a smart city. Morvan was active and could provide many examples from CoSMo’s work on smarter cities, utilities, and at the intersection between transport and energy.

“CoSMo has worked with utilities in Europe to make optimal strategic decisions about their electricity transmission and distribution, natural gas services, and water management,” Morvan said. “We’ve also worked with city planners, transport network managers and operators, and on projects where smarter multimodal urban transport is a priority. For me, a panel like the one at Cleantech is the perfect opportunity to show how CoSMo is helping utilities, transport system operators, and government stakeholders design and build the smart city of the future.”

The Cleantech Forum is the world’s premier event for companies working in the clean technology and smart future space. For more information, feel free to visit the website of the Cleantech Forum.



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