The CoSMo Company Co-founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel was the invited guest on BFM TV’s regular Coup de pouce à une start-up (Boosting a start-up) program with host Frédéric Simottel.

Judged the most innovative software company in France late in 2016, CoSMo was a prime candidate for Simottel’s weekly deep-dive into the French startup sector. The long-time journalist quizzed the CoSMo chief executive on the company’s history, its client base, and the ways in which it is helping some of the country’s biggest and most established businesses undertake their digital transformation.

Simottel began the interview by offering a brief account of The CoSMo Company before inviting De Bantel to offer his own description of the Lyon-based technology company. De Bantel explained that CoSMo’s focus is complex systems and pointed to examples of those systems including electricity networks, urban centers, and rail transport networks. This example of the rail transport network caught the interest of the host and he questioned what optimizing a rail network might involve.

In all big networks you have enormous numbers of interconnections between different sub-systems, different classes of assets, as well as between maintenance policies, investment policies, financial models and risk models, too. If you want to anticipate the future, you need a clear vision of these interconnections and you must simulate them to see the impacts of your decisions.

Questioned on the history of the company, De Bantel recalled how the company first emerged from research conducted at Lyon’s ENS but has now expanded with global reach and activities in France, Germany, the UK, and the United States.

Simottel was intrigued by the idea of a company that could model any type of complex system and wondered whether CoSMo was limited to industrial actors. De Bantel quickly put him right.

“The 21st century is the century of complexity and we encounter more and more interconnected systems which have impacts on many different sub-systems and elements of those systems,” he said. CoSMo’s modeling and simulation approach, he continued, might have found great purchase in the utility and transport sectors but there are also enormous opportunities in life sciences and finance on the horizon.

The interview (in French) is available below.

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