The CoSMo Company Co-Founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel today launched a new LinkedIn Group for leaders and decision makers in utilities worldwide.

“I’m excited to be launching the Decision Management for Utilities group because it is going to allow experts from CoSMo and from the industry to share their knowledge about the challenges that the utilities sector is facing,” explained de Bantel. “There really hasn’t been any place on LinkedIn for leaders and decision makers in the utility sector to engage with each other and share their experiences with their peers. Now, though, CoSMo has built a space where these discussions, this sharing, and this engagement can take place.”

LinkedIn is already the world’s leading professional social network for executives, leaders, and decision makers from across the world. With more than 467 million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn has an incredible reach in the business communities in the world’s most active economies.

In 2016 professionals registered on LinkedIn and began the process of connecting with colleagues, business partners, and their wider network at the rate of two per second, meaning the social network now owned by Microsoft added more than 60 million new users in just 12 months.

For its part, since its founding in 2010 CoSMo has developed a reputation for helping the C-suite of utilities make optimal decisions. CoSMo has worked with RTE, Europe’s largest electrical transmission system operator, as well as with a Tier 1 gas transmission utility, too.

CoSMo has worked with leading water utilities, too, from locally-focused utilities in France through to multinational utility giants such as Veolia Environnement. Whether energy transmission, distribution, or generation, whether electricity, gas, or water, CoSMo has carved out a place as a transformational company for the utility sector.

The Decision Management for Utilities LinkedIn group will focus on discussions of asset investment planning and optimization, asset and resource management, strategic and operational planning, predictive analytics, and best practices for decision management in the utility sector.

Join the Decision Management for Utilities LinkedIn Group.

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