As the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco ended for another year, The CoSMo Company Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane reflected on some of the highlights of the event for 2017.

“For CoSMo it was a wonderful week,” said Kissane, “and we couldn’t have asked for a bigger or better stage on which to present the CoSMo technology that is changing the way business is done the world over.”

From the heavy Cleantech schedule that drew together the technology, government, and non-profit sectors Kissane chose two highlights for the Lyon-based global technology company.

The first was the naming of CoSMo to the 2017 Global Cleantech 100. That honor saw CoSMo listed with other game-changing companies and recognized for the way their software is disrupting how industrial systems are optimized. [vcex_spacing size=”30px”]

To see CoSMo listed alongside companies like airbnb and Alphabet Energy reinforces the impact that CoSMo technology is having. With more than 9,900 other companies vying a place on that list, it was a real point of pride for me to see CoSMo recognized in this way.

The CoSMo Company Director of Marketing Dylan Kissane

The second highlight of the Cleantech Forum was the starring role that CoSMo Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of CoSMo US Michel Morvan played on a panel on the second full day of the Forum. Morvan joined experts from the technology sector, from the Argonne National Laboratory, and from the startups community to discuss how the world can create smarter cities. With CoSMo having had significant experience in smart energy planning, micro grids, and the smart grid, Morvan held sway over the audience with his personable and accessible style.

“Michel Morvan is a master communicator and completely at ease on panels like these,” explains Kissane. “One of the real differentiators of CoSMo’s approach is that it is capable of modeling and simulating any complex system, including those that are helping to drive the development of smarter cities. Having the chance to demonstrate how taking advantage of complexity can help municipalities and utilities to leverage their strengths and make cities smarter, faster, and cleaner was a great opportunity for CoSMo at Cleantech.

This was not the first year that CoSMo had had a presence at the Cleantech Forum. CoSMo has participated at Cleantech in 2015 and 2016, and has appeared at the Cleantech Forum’s annual European meeting, too.

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