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[Replay] Simulation Digital Twins and Asset Management – Airbus and Cosmo Tech

[Replay] Simulation Digital Twins and Asset Management – Airbus and Cosmo Tech

Finding the best option from a sea of millions of possible options and aligning all stakeholders around this way forward is the key challenge for a high-performance asset management strategy.

In this session, Joel Serres, Asset Management & Industrial Maintenance Expert at Airbus, will explore their approach to digital twins and how this technology supports them in their business by bringing a new approach to asset management. 

Michel Morvan, Cosmo Tech’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, will also explain the definition of Simulation Digital Twins and present how the technology helps asset intensive companies to be more agile, efficient, resilient and sustainable.

Did you miss our webinar? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Here is the replay that highlights the valuable insights on optimizing asset management performance with Simulation Digital Twins.

Webinar key takeaways:

  • The major challenges of asset management for Airbus
  • How Cosmo Tech decisioning tool helped Airbus find the optimal asset replacement strategy
  • Key results e.g. -15% TOTEX reduction demonstrated by simulation, aligning stakeholders on an investment strategy & planning
  • Major results in various industries transforming asset management with Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation platform

About the Digital Twin Consortium

The Digital Twin Consortium is an association of member companies that represent the world authority in digital twins. It coalesces industry, government and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security and interoperability of digital twin technology. It is also a global ecosystem of users who are accelerating the digital twin market and demonstrating the value of digital twin technology.

This webinar is part of the Consortium’s actions to promote the sharing of thoughts and experiences with digital twins in industry and to illustrate the value that these transformation technologies can bring in general and, more specifically, for asset management. Cosmo Tech is a member of the Digital Twin Consortium.


Joel Serres

Asset Management & Industrial Maintenance Expert at Airbus

Michel Morvan

Cosmo Tech’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman