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Cosmo Tech Attends Hello Tomorrow in Paris

Cosmo Tech’s Chief Revenue Officer Thierry de Lumley will be attending Hello Tomorrow in Paris on 14 March. Taking place on 13 and 14 March at the Centquatre-Paris, Hello Tomorrow is a global, non-profit summit dedicated to unlocking the potential of deep technologies...

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Think Like a Software Company

Ask someone to tell you about IKEA and they’ll probably mention flat-packed furniture, afternoons spent trying to find piece A or screw B, and that uneasy feeling you get when you have a fully assembled bookshelf or bed...but still have one piece left over. For most...

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Open Innovation: Move Fast and Build Things

When I was living in Silicon Valley there was a phrase I heard a lot: move fast and break things. This was the mantra at some of the world’s biggest internet and technology companies. For years it was the motto for Facebook’s developer teams with CEO Mark Zuckerberg...

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