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The World is Changing

In this dynamic environment, where interconnections play a tremendous role, the most pressing issues facing industry and the world today are not simple, they are not complicated, but instead they are complex. So why are we treating them in silos?

Our world is one where we must optimize the globe’s shared infrastructure while protecting national interests. Countries strive to balance economic growth against environmental harm seeking to be at once competitive and cooperative, both self-interested and globally focused. The same transport system that makes it easy to cross the world in a day power the spread of pandemic disease and facilitate the rise of international terrorism. Our world is one where a single business decision in Shanghai can set off a sequence of events impacting business in Sydney, Seattle, São Paulo, and Stockholm.

Our world and our challenges are interconnected, interdependent, and so often incredibly difficult to define, let alone attempt to solve; this complexity is not the exception but the norm.

Many have sought to address these complex issues by using the powerful computing tools that have emerged in the last 20 years. These tools offer the capacity to handle huge data sets and scale analysis in a way that previous generations could only imagine. Big Data has helped to uncover correlations, establish trend lines, and chart a path through the rolling storm of information.
Many have applied artificial intelligence technologies to these issues, too. The incredible power of these machines, of automated learning, and of the powerful algorithms that drive them have helped uncover new solutions, new perspectives, and new responses to our most difficult challenges. What was once in the realm of science fiction is increasingly science fact.

Still more have not forgotten the human intelligence that for millennia has solved some of the world’s most complex problems by harnessing the brain power of experts. Human intelligence has the distinct ability to comprehend the causes and effects of phenomena that artificial intelligence cannot yet nor is likely to in the foreseeable future, and human expertise remains key to addressing our most important questions.

At Cosmo Tech we understand that neither data science, artificial intelligence, human expertise, or human intelligence alone is today sufficient to provide the optimal response to our core complex concerns. We are convinced that we cannot address the issues that we face by using the tools, data, and correlations of the past.

And so, we believe that humanity can respond to these issues and rise to the challenges they face by embracing Augmented Intelligence.

At Cosmo Tech, Augmented Intelligence encapsulates human knowledge and expertise in a model, world-leading machine learning to power those simulations, and expert human analysis to interpret the results of those simulations. It combines both expertise and algorithms, brain power and computing power to address complex systems as they really are, and helps decision makers select choices and strategies to take advantage of that complexity.

Using predictive models and data analysis, decision makers can take advantage of their complex networks and improve their business processes. Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence solutions give a competitive advantage over other solutions using artificial intelligence or big data. Our solutions (Asset, Plan, Supply Chain) provide an innovative framework for your predictive analytics and data management. Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence software is also completely scalable, vertically and horizontally. A single use case can be replicated for a new user in the same company or for a new user in another company. The unique modeling and simulation technology possesses the capabilities to help automate processes, reducing time spent on decisions that will affect your entire network. 

Augmented Intelligence creates an opportunity to meet the challenges of today while never losing sight of the impacts of our decisions on tomorrow. It allows us to reduce the risk to the long-term by anticipating those risks in the short and medium-term. It is the key to optimizing the impacts of our decisions on the environment, on our cities, on our industries, and on ourselves; it is the key to taking advantage of complexity.

With Augmented Intelligence, decision makers can embrace the power of their collective experts, combine it with cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, and for the first time understand the impact of all of their choices on an entire complex system.

We’ve long known that humans alone cannot respond optimally to the most complex challenges when it comes to the visualization and optimization of their networks, and we are now learning that machines and predictive software can only take us so far. But combining these two intelligences – the natural and the artificial – empowers us to go further than we ever have before.

It is that power that we believe will change the world: the power that is Augmented Intelligence.


Learn how Cosmo Tech’s platform uses Augmented Intelligence to help businesses make better decisions. 

Augmented Intelligence with Cosmo Tech's Michel Morvan

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