Cosmo Tech co-founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel took the stage in Lisbon today to present Cosmo Tech’s unique and industry validated Augmented Intelligence software at the Web Summit.

De Bantel presented Cosmo Tech’s modeling and simulation approach to a large audience interested to hear how the Lyon-based startup is helping clients address complex challenges in the domain of critical infrastructure. De Bantel explained how the holistic approach that the company adopts leads to radical transformation of businesses and the ways that they make decisions.

“When faced with a complex problem companies will usually try and break it down in smaller pieces, in silos. They try to solve 100 small problems in the hope it will help them solve the larger, more complex problem,” he said. “At Cosmo Tech we think differently. We model complexity, not silos. And because we do we can offer a holistic view that helps decision makers to make optimal choices.”

De Bantel pointed to the three things that make Cosmo Tech a very different startup. First there is the software and the proprietary platform that the company has developed. Second is the Cosmo Tech team, the world’s most experienced group of complex systems modelers and technology developers. Third is the community of partners that are helping take Cosmo Tech software to the world.

“We are going where big data cannot, where artificial intelligence cannot, and we’re delivering Augmented Intelligence software solutions to decision makers to help them make optimal decisions in a world that is getting increasingly complex,” said de Bantel.

The world’s leading technology conference, Web Summit welcomes more than 60,000 attendees to the Portuguese capital each year for four days of meetings, presentations, pitches, and some of the world’s most important technology announcements. Guests and speakers this year included noted physicist Stephen Hawking, Nobel prize winning documentarian Al Gore, and leading campaigner for human rights and transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner.

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