Cosmo Tech co-founder and Executive Chairman Michel Morvan’s keynote address at Ecosummit Paris yesterday was well received and further cemented his place as a thought leader in Augmented Intelligence.

Ecosummit accelerates green startups, investors and corporations dedicated to providing smart, clean, energy-driven solutions. Welcoming more than 50 speakers from the smallest startups to some of Europe’s largest corporations, Ecosummit Paris saw innovative ideas on how to create sustainable, smart cities shared with an audience of leaders, influencers, and decision makers.

Morvan’s speech addressed how Augmented Intelligence can help decision makers plan, manage, and create the smart, green city of the future. With a focus on infrastructure as the building blocks of the city, Ecosummit was the perfect opportunity for Morvan to highlight the capabilities of Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence solutions.

Asset Investment Optimization and the Smart City of the Future

One solution Morvan mentioned was Cosmo Tech’s Asset Investment Optimization (AIO). AIO offers decision makers the opportunity to model their complex systems, simulate their strategies, policies, and processes, identify the impact of their decisions on the network of assets, and determine the optimal strategy to pursue. Morvan envisions a smart city informed by the power of AIO’s Augmented Intelligence which combines both cutting-edge artificial intelligence and human expertise.

Morvan has previously explained in depth why Augmented Intelligence solutions are the key to powering a cleaner, greener, and smarter world.

“Countries strive to balance economic growth against environmental harm seeking to be at once competitive and cooperative, both self-interested and globally focused. The same transport system that make it easy to cross the world in a day power the spread of pandemic disease and facilitate the rise of international terrorism. Our world is one where a single business decision in Shanghai can set off a sequence of events impacting business in Sydney, Seattle, São Paulo, and Stockholm,” he said.

“Our world and our challenges are interconnected, interdependent, and so often incredibly difficult to define, let alone attempt to solve,” he continued. “This complexity is not the exception but the norm”.

This is the second appearance for a Cosmo Tech executive at an Ecosummit event following co-founder and CEO Hugues de Bantel’s appearance at the Ecosummit Berlin event in 2015.


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