On the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), Assystem, an international engineering group, today announced that it has signed partnership agreements with four start-ups specialising in digital and new technologies used in the nuclear sector, including Cosmo Tech.

The nuclear industry is going through an unprecedented period of change, driven by digitisation. At the same time, nuclear players have to give ever-more complex guarantees, especially in a world of increasing risk aversion and the need to respect strict cost control requirements. These are two key areas in which companies specialised in digitisation have a major role to play.

The nuclear engineering landscape is gradually being redefined as a result of new disruptive approaches that have emerged due to the arrival of new technologies and services that are completely transforming the industry. Assystem firmly believes that in order to offer its clients best-in-class services and expertise, it must today invest in the solutions that will shape the nuclear industry of tomorrow and join forces with high-quality partners.

Assystem and Cosmo Tech partner to provide augmented intelligence for managing complex nuclear projects

The engineering and operation of nuclear infrastructure involve complex systems based on varied and highly distributed data and expertise. This makes it challenging to always complete projects on time and on budget. Thanks to its experience in the construction of nuclear power plants, Assystem holds in-depth knowledge that can be leveraged by developing the digital twin concept (i.e. creating digital copies of facilities) and mathematical algorithms that capitalise on the knowledge of our specialists.

Assystem and Cosmo Tech are proposing an augmented intelligence offering that will factor in this expertise and analyse its impact on the performance of projects in order to offer the best, decision-support solutions.

Read the full press release at Assystem.


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