Tomorrow, Cosmo Tech’s second installment of their asset management interview series features recognized transformation leader Pete Massey.
Massey has previously worked as a consultant for Cosmo Tech and has over thirty years of experience in the gas and electricity utility industry not only in the UK, but also the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He has since started his own consultancy, Upcurve Limited, which helps asset-intensive companies transform their business performance. 
While the interview is mostly a general overview of the current and future state of asset management, Massey also gives some tailored advice for the UK networks. “The UK is quite advanced, and it’s moving into a new sphere of asset management in terms of its technical capability, using a lot more predictive analytics and a systematic approach and holistic approach,” he says. “Other sectors of asset management around the world are probably playing a little bit of catch-up, and still having challenges establishing basic asset investment plans and those sort of foundations of asset management.”
Massey gives his recommendation on when it’s time to adopt a Cosmo Tech approach. ” For those companies who have already considered a systemic approach and are now looking to take it on a little bit further, then I think they’re ready for the Cosmo Tech solution.” he says. “Similarly, if they haven’t done any analysis, then it’s still appropriate to look at Cosmo Tech because it can look at basic principles up and then grow with the company.”
With plenty of years of experience, Massey’s interview is sure to be enlightening for those who are looking to adopt a systematic approach to their asset management strategies. Head to the Cosmo Tech YouTube page tomorrow for the video and subscribe to the emailing list to receive exclusive content and stay up-to-date on future interviews. 

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