Next week, Cosmo Tech’s third installment of their asset management interview series will feature Senior Consultant and CEO of SnG Consulting Macha Barreau.

After two previous interviews with General Secretary of ENTSO-E Laurent Schmitt and founder of Upcurve Limited Pete Massey, Cosmo Tech’s asset management series is back for a third edition. 

As a civil engineer, Barreau has extensive experience dealing with ageing and asset management, especially in the nuclear sector. She works with energy and transportation managers to help secure their long-term performance with tasks such as defining processes, organization, technical strategies and information systems. 

When it comes to the challenges facing asset management, Barreau explains how uncertainties – among other things – are one of the struggles companies face. “They have to decide now without knowing about tomorrow,” she says. “I think it’s more difficult than before because you have to have a long-term view – and decide with a long-term perspective – but you don’t know what to expect. One of the main challenges is how to organize data, how to maintain consistency and how to ensure consistency.”

And when it comes to Cosmo Tech’s solutions (Asset, Plan, and Supply Chain), Barreau thinks that they help businesses understand their impacts and face these uncertainties with confidence. “When it comes to Cosmo Tech, you can really understand how your strategy can influence your business objectives or impact your business objectives not only with mapping but with real calculations of your KPIs,” she says. “You can really understand what has happened today but also understand what will happen in 5 years or 20 years depending on your strategy.”

A theme throughout Barreau’s interview was the necessity to break silos, not only when using software, but also during the organization of an enterprise. “I think we have to embed asset management at all levels, strategic but also operational levels,” she says. “Some companies create an asset management department, but asset management is normally to break silos. I don’t think it’s a good idea to create new silos about asset management.”

Barreau’s interview is filled with advice on how to break silos, embrace challenges, and adopt holistic views. Keep an eye out for the full interview next Thursday, and sign up for Cosmo Tech’s asset management series newsletter to receive exclusive content and stay up-to-date on future interviews.


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