Today, Cosmo Tech premieres the first interview for their new asset management interview series.


The monthly series centers around the challenges, impacts, and trends of rail, electricity, water, transportation, and oil & gas networks. The series looks to feature experts thought leaders, and influencers to give their insights and thought on the future of asset management within their sectors. 


Cosmo Tech’s content writer went to visit ENTSO-E‘s General Secretary, Laurent Schmitt, at the ENTSO-E headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Schmitt was more than happy to sit down with Cosmo Tech to discuss his thoughts on the challenges and future of asset management for the electricity sector. One of those ideas includes ENTSO-E’s Business Network for Innovation, a business coalition which brings transmission systems operators (TSO’s) together with startups through different formats for exchange. The first format is tri-monthly ‘Solutions Luncheons’, exchanging every three months on a relevant strategic topic in Brussels. The second format consists of webinars, allowing more participants to get involved and gathering speakers from other geographies. 


Schmitt also talks about the digitalization of networks. “We have recently released our ten-year network development plan, and as part of that release, we had a specific report around new technologies being brought to the system as a whole, for instance, with dynamic line ratings or trying to use devices into the system, to be able to reboot flows during certain conditions,” he says. “And I also have in mind an interesting prototyping with the Cosmo Tech tool by one of our associated TSOs, RTE in France. Which is really, from a digital point of view, showing an interesting way to develop these notions of digital twin of the grid assets.”


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