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Asset Maintenance Performance

Optimize enterprise-wide maintenance planning

Case study

How one of the world’s largest electricity transmission system operators optimized their maintenance policies to lower OPEX and CAPEX and elevate service quality More about this case study


Cosmo Tech Asset enables maintenance managers to optimize the performance of their maintenance activities thanks to simulation capabilities of unique accuracy. Our solution helps them to challenge existing maintenance policies, test alternative strategies under operational constraints and reach unified O&M planning in an integrated framework.

This Enterprise Digital Twin offers decision makers the opportunity to create a dynamic replica of their operational systems including all of the physical assets, constraints, process and strategies, human resources, and regulatory limits. Users can run unlimited what-if simulations to identify the optimal strategies to pursue, policies to put in place, and plans to execute. They can mitigate risks, avoid the impacts of cascading effects, and justify their decisions to internal and external stakeholders.

Use Cases

Maintenance Policies Performance

Balance the investment in the maintenance of the existing network against the costs of replacing assets in the network as part of an asset investment plan. Optimize maintenance policies to reduce OPEX expenditure, extend the life of assets, and make best use of resources
Maintenance Policies Performance
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