Energy for the City of Tomorrow

Smart Energy Planning, or Smarter Energy Planning?


Most every city has expressed its wish to be smarter, and energy is often one of the first places municipal leaders look to get started getting smart fast. For energy generators, for energy utilities, and for the energy industry as a whole, this popular shift towards smart energy is a net positive, a chance to deploy new technologies, and to respond to the shifting demands of consumers and city managers alike.

But how will those demands change with time? How will an aging population impact the demand for energy during off-peak hours? How will electric vehicles and residential charging stations impact the demand for electricity overnight? And will climate change make heating an apartment less expensive, more expensive, or have no impact at all?

Responding to these sorts of questions demands more than just strong instincts, industry experience, or a reliance on historical data. After all, when there’s no long history of smart cities and smart energy, the correlations that big data and data science approaches produce are not going to be useful in telling you about the energy needs of the smart city of the future.

You need technology that identifies causes, not correlations. You need technology that can tell you what will happen in the future even if it is something that has never happened before. You need technology that offers insights into the cascading effects or a decision before you take that decision. You need to understand the interconnections that drive the demand for energy and anticipate how that demand will evolve with time.

In other words, you need augmented intelligence. That’s not just Smart Energy Planning, it’s Smarter Energy Planning, and it’s from Cosmo Tech.


Rodolphe de Beaufort

Smart Grid and Smart Cities, GE Grid Solutions

In this 2016 presentation at the SIG meeting of ESRI France, GE Grid Solutions’ Rodolphe de Beaufort explains how GE has worked with Cosmo Tech to develop the Smart Energy Planning application, and how that application is helping GE prepare for the city of the future. In a live demonstration of the power of the application, de Beaufort shows the ESRI audience how the future energy demands of a city can be reliably determined and how optimal decisions about the future strategic investments required to meet those demands can be made.


Cosmo Tech

Smart Energy Planning

In this short video the Cosmo Tech team explains how their Smart Energy Planning application works, and what sort of results can be expected for municipalities and other decision makers who choose to work with a Cosmo Tech solution in their city. Taking a real-world example from near Paris, France, the video shows how the demand for various heating solutions changes over time, what causes the change in demand, and how the city and the utilities working with the city can best respond to this dynamism in the population.

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Cosmo Tech’s Smart Territories applications have been applied by cities, utilities, service providers, and planners.

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