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Planning for the city of tomorrow is a task that city managers, municipal officials, and industry leaders confront with some trepidation. Emerging technologies, shifting populations, environmental trends that evolve into potentially constraining regulations, and the pressure to deliver more to citizens while those same citizens baulk at the tax increases that would help ease that pressure and provide the services that have moved from a ‘one day’ dream to a ‘must have’ standard.

In the city of today financial systems interact with human systems, transport systems interact with electrical, heating, and cooling systems, traffic systems butt up against environmental systems, and political systems impact every other system as the fight for local, regional, and national predominance seeps into every decision, no matter how minor.

Luckily, there’s Cosmo Tech.

Understanding, modeling, and simulating complex environments that consist of multiple interacting systems and systems of systems is what Cosmo Tech does. The same augmented intelligence that Cosmo Tech brings to industry leaders can serve municipal officials, city planners, and urban developers as they seek insights into how the city of tomorrow will emerge from the city of today. Understanding what will happen in the next year, in the next decade, or even further into the future – even if it is something that has never happened before – is exactly what Cosmo Tech’s Smart Territories applications offers to users.

And so it doesn’t matter if everything is happening all at once, and right now, too. With Cosmo Tech you’ll have the interconnected insights to find your way through the stormy present and towards a brighter future for you and for everyone else who calls your city home.


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Cosmo Tech’s Smart Territories solutions have been endorsed by industry leaders like GE and use cases are supported by research from leading universities and institutes.

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