Process and Decision Management

Optimize a process, make more money.


It’s a simple equation, really: if you can do more in your business but spend less, you’ll make more money.

Simple to grasp, sure, but getting there is hard. Businesses keenly asses each and every process, seeking out opportunities to optimize practices, policies, and programs to reveal the chance to save time, money, or both. Every optimization is, in effect, money in the pocket of a business owner, a shareholder, or a stakeholder.

But some processes are not easy to optimize because they form part of a complex system of interactions. The more complex the system, the more difficult it becomes for a manager, consultant, or executive to judge by intuition, experience, or via basic technologies how that system might be optimized. Indeed, while it can sometimes seem obvious that modifying a single task, series of tasks, or entire process might offer significant savings, just as often the changes to one part of the system end up impacting other parts of the system. These secondary or cascading effects can be disastrous and, in the end, even cost the company more than they expected to save.

Unless you optimize your processes with the world’s only technology capable of modeling any complex system, that is.

Cosmo Tech has proved that its modeling and simulation approach to complex systems can help heavy industry to optimize their processes and save significant operating expenditure (OPEX), too. In an industrial environment where an improvement of even one-half of one percent is considered significant, Cosmo Tech pilot projects have identified potential savings of 25% in production, 5% in OPEX, and more than €14 million at just one heavy industry site.

Optimize a process, make more money. It’s a simple equation, and one that Cosmo Tech can help you embrace.


Potential Reduction in OPEX

Potential Annual Savings in Euros

Case Study

Galp Energia


Cosmo Tech’s Heavy Industry process management application, HIRO, was adopted by Galp Energia for its refinery in Portugal. The refinery processes more than 30,000 tonnes of oil per day and Cosmo Tech’s model integrated all of the refinery’s systems including changes in feedstock, in fabrication programs, maintenance programs, management strategies, and failure scenarios. The application identified the potential for a 25% reduction in required steam production for the refinery, a result that pointed to a potential saving of €14.5 million annually, or approximately 5% of the refinery’s operating budget.

Complex Process Management.

Cosmo Tech is a world leader in modeling and simulating complex systems and our approach is now being successfully applied to processes in heavy industry and beyond.

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