Optimized Response to a Health Crisis

The numbers are staggering.


In the 1950s and 1960s more than three million people died from either Asian Flu or Hong Kong Flu. Around the same time the first of the victims of HIV and AIDS in the Congo Basin died only to be followed by another 30 million in the decades that followed. The 1918 flu pandemic claimed more than 75 million lives worldwide and even hyper-localised viruses like Ebola regularly cost thousands of lives.

Death tolls rise into the thousands and millions not only because a disease is especially virulent but also because the response to the spread of the disease is sub-optimal. While there exist a number of options open to medical, government, and military decision makers, choosing the optimal response is far from simple. Having the ability to quickly understand the impact of a choice on both the diseased and healthy populations, on health care workers, and on budgets and logistical chains is essential, but it demands the capacity to model and simulate the complex environment that is a human population in a time of crisis.

Cosmo Tech has that capacity.

Cosmo Tech’s modeling and simulation approach to complex systems has been validated by researchers in leading institutions in Europe and North America, and the applications that are developed with this approach have been validated by decision makers in some of the world’s most complex systems. Cosmo Tech applications offer decision makers visibility of the entirety of their systems and sub-systems, allow them to reliably predict the future state of the system, and anticipate events even if those events have never occurred before.

In short, Cosmo Tech applications help decision makers respond to a healthcare crisis effectively, efficiently, and optimally so that the staggering death tolls of the past are never seen again in the future.

Crisis Management and Complexity.

Cosmo Tech’s Crisis Management applications help decision makers choose optimal strategies under pressure thanks to the powerful augmented intelligence that is at the core of every Cosmo Tech product.

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