Optimal Decisions Under Pressure

When every second counts.


Every decision is important but in the midst of a crisis decisions stop being important and start being critical.

Lives hang on the choices that leaders make and a sub-optimal decision isn’t something that can necessarily be fixed with a better decision the next day or the next week. Whether responding to a terrorist attack, a hazardous chemical spill, a pandemic disease, or a system-wide failure of a critical system, decisions in a crisis are made under extreme pressure and with the knowledge that the wrong choice could make an already bad situation worse by an order of magnitude.

Cosmo Tech is well-known for its industrial applications in decision management and augmented intelligence but this same technology can be applied to the preparations for and response to complex crises of any type. Already it has spawned an application to help teams keep clean drinking water flowing to residents in one of Europe’s largest cities and other use cases – particularly with regards to responding effectively to pandemic disease – are being actively explored.

The same technology that helps the C-suite make optimal decisions in a complex corporate environment can now be deployed in service of those who keep the public informed, safe, and alive when very real threats to communication, critical infrastructure, and health emerge.

It’s augmented intelligence for the moments we need it most.


Responding to a Water Crisis


Responding to Disease

FLUID: Water Crisis Management

Complexity and Crisis Management.

Cosmo Tech is a world leader in modeling and simulating complex systems, and when leaders are facing a crisis that threatens the lives and livelihoods of citizens in a city, a region, or a country, there is little that isn’t complex.

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