Asset Investment Optimization for Rail Networks

Optimal decisions today for an unpredictable tomorrow.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, once argued that everything changes and nothing stands still. Today, more than 2500 years later, most asset managers, maintenance managers, and strategic planners for rail networks across the world would agree with him.

With direct responsibility for networks consisting of thousands of kilometers of lines, billions of dollars in rolling stock, and the lives of the millions of passengers who use rail networks daily to commute, for business, or to vacation, asset managers are faced with the challenge of delivering on safety and service today while trying to anticipate the demands of tomorrow. Constrained by diminishing budgets, increasing regulation, and limited human resources, many an asset manager has wished for insight into the future of their network and the other interconnected systems that impact upon it.

That wish is now answered.

Cosmo Tech’s AIO for Rail Network Operators offers a holistic view of the entire rail network including all of the interconnected systems and sub-systems that make it a truly complex environment in which to plan, prioritise, and strategise for the future. AIO for Rail Network Operators is the world’s only technology that models and simulates the entire system, identifies the causes of change and how those causes impact all parts of the business from assets to human resources, finances, and the carrying capacity of the network. It provides auditable, repeatable, augmented intelligence for decision makers so that investment and maintenance decisions are optimal, every time.

Heraclitus was right: everything will change and nothing will stand still, but with Cosmo Tech’s AIO for Rail Network Operators you’ll have the interconnected insights you need to anticipate that change and profit as you move through it.


Olivier Bancel

Network Maintenance Director, SNCF Reseau

SNCF Reseau is responsible for the management, maintenance, and investment in a network of more than 30,000 kilometers of railway lines, including more than 2000 kilometers of high speed railway line. With more than 530 million kilometers of train travel across the SNCF Reseau network each year, maintaining the lines to ensure the safety, security, and on-time delivery of freight and passengers is a significant challenge, but one that Cosmo Tech’s AIO for Rail Network Operators is helping SNCF Reseau meet.

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Cosmo Tech’s AIO has been applied in fields as diverse as electricity transmission, rail network operations, and gas pipeline projects.

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