Cosmo Tech Event Schedule

France. The United States. Around the World.

Cosmo Tech team members regularly attend events around the world to introduce the company’s unique modeling and simulation technology to decision makers across diverse industries. Whether a trade show, an annual conference, a keynote address to a congress, or on the invitation of a regional or global partner, Cosmo Tech representatives regularly travel to Europe, the Americas, MENA, APAC, and Africa.



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meet innovation summit

Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit

18-20 October
Paris, France

meet innovation summit

Wolves Summit

23-24 October
Warsaw, Poland

meet innovation summit

Web Summit

5 – 8 November
Lisbon, Portugal

meet innovation summit

European Utility Week

6 – 8 November
Vienna, Austria

meet innovation summit

Nuclear Valley Digital Day

14 November
Lyon, France

meet innovation summit

Digital Rail Revolution

21 November
Paris, France

meet innovation summit

Data Natives

22 – 23 November
Berlin, Germany

meet innovation summit


27 – 30 November
Lyon, France