The lastest from Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech on Social Media

Along with the launch of the Cosmo Tech website last week, the Lyon and San Francisco based startup also launched a number of social media channels that will empower the company to reach a growing and active community of followers online. The Cosmo Tech social program...

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Cosmo Tech VP Center Stage at Agrion Conference

  Cosmo Tech's Baptiste Jouffroy took center stage in Paris yesterday as one of three invited guests sharing views on energy, mobility, and technology. The Vice President of Sales for EMEA joined Dalkia Digital Projects Director Philippe Maine and Intesens CEO...

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Three Questions for Michel Morvan

  Michel Morvan is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech and CEO of Cosmo Tech US. He answered our questions from his base in San Francisco from where he leads the Cosmo Tech team in the United States. When you talk about ‘augmented intelligence’,...

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Cosmo Tech a Draw at Annual VivaTechnology Event

  Cosmo Tech has enjoyed a successful two days at VivaTechnology, one of France’s leading events for startups, established technology players, investors, and the open innovation economy. The Cosmo Tech team has been well-represented by the Application Discovery...

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Cosmo Tech Wins Big at Red Herring Top 100 USA

  Cosmo Tech has walked away from the annual Red Herring awards dinner having been named to the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 USA. This latest honor is yet another feather in the proverbial cap of Cosmo Tech, a global technology company with offices in Lyon,...

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Faster, Please.

In 2013 Mark Bonchek and Chris Fussell published an article in the Harvard Business Review titled Decision Making, Top Gun Style. Bonchek and Fussell argued that the business world would benefit from embracing the notion of the OODA Loop, a strategy that had proven...

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